Anti-HIV Drug Prices and Generics Availability



As drug research into HIV and AIDS continues, there is a continual fight to lower anti-HIV drug prices and develop generics. This struggle has been in place since the first drugs came on the market that effectively fights HIV and prevents development of full-blown AIDS. The fact is that the fastest growing areas of HIV infection is in developing countries without the resources to bring high-cost drugs to most infected patients. That fact alone is why people around the world are fighting to get drugs to infected patients faster and much cheaper than the drug companies would like. Clubmeadowvale

Drug companies are not in the market to help people with effective drugs without something in return. They are in the market to make a profit. And the more profit they can make, the better off they are. Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) is a good example of this. This is a combination of drugs that helps delay the onset of full-blown AIDS. When it first came into the market, it could cost up to 15,000 USD per patient per year. That put the price well out of the reach of most people infected by HIV. The drug companies were making a fantastic profit, but millions continued to get AIDS and die. To turn this around, the market had to bring down anti-HIV drug prices and generics had to come on the market. Clubmeadowvale

A generic manufacturer in India brought a much cheaper version of HAART onto the market. That competition forced the brand-name manufacturers to lower their prices. To bring things even further down, governments, private organizations, and activists from around the globe put pressure on the drug companies. This had a profound effect. The large drug companies agreed to lower their prices. But, that did not end their quest to maximize profits. They sued South Africa’s government when it decided to place few restrictions on generic manufacture or importation. But, pressure from countries around the world brought that to a halt. The struggle continues for lower anti-HIV drug prices and generics.


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